I Gave Up A Cushy Job To Follow My Passion…

Sher Min

So I went to the University of Melbourne and did Accounting and Finance. But when I graduated, I had no intentions of doing anything related to what I’ve studied. OMG! Just WHY… did I even study those?

Well, simple… I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

At times, I envy those that have discovered their passion early in life, because they’d know what to do and which path to follow. For me, it wasn’t at all easy. My parents placed me into accounting and finance, believing that it’s the best for me. Till this very day, I’d still agree with them one-hundred percent. Why?

This field is HUGE. You can get into anything.

The norm of society: “Finance is where the money is!”Good prospects, good money kid!

Accounting offers a safe and stable job. I mean, look at audit, it’s mandatory for most companies.

When every single one of my university friend is aiming for the Big Four Accounting firms, I was finding a way out. I did not have a passion for accounting for sure. I did it for 5 goddamn years. Scored damn well in it for sure but so what? And FOR WHAT?

Finance isn’t exactly my cup of tea either. At first it was extremely difficult to identify if I have a passion for it, because I have no interest whatsoever to begin with, and so I would not know what it feels like to have a passion for something. But when my dad flips to channels of BBC business news or the CNN Money market, I knew almost immediately – it is perfectly fine if I don’t understand any of it, but what mattered was that I did not even want to learn, to know. That was a huge signal lighting off bright in the night.

I had to admit – to me, it was a dangerous and a courageous move to make, to drop entirely out of my comfort zone of accounting and finance, and begin dropping in on things that interest me. I have friends who hate their jobs, but they stuck to it because “this is what I’ve studied for, I don’t know anything else other than that! It’s my job now!”. NO, was all I said. It would take a really long time convincing them, so I figured, “To hell with them, I can do this.”. The only person that needed convincing, was myself.

I did some weird things for a while.

I was taking online courses because I didn’t want to stop learning.

I picked up copywriting skills.

I studied how to build a drop-shipping business right off the bat.

I needed some sort of income while I find my passion. And when I realized how competitive the world of online business is, I got a little upset for a while. But soon after, it began to dawn on me, how online businesses are trying to compete for market share, and how far they’d go to establish their presence. And I thought to myself, “While every business is desperately trying to sell, wouldn’t that be GREAT to be on the side where you HELP them sell?

I took up an interest and started studying about Google Analytics, Advertising, Marketing and crafting e-newsletters. The more I studied the more interested I became because it was something very hands-on, very practical, and most importantly the skills are invaluable and going forward, how can I ever go wrong with that?

I began vigorously looking for online marketing companies. I found a few on the internet, but clickTRUE has one of the most compelling websites! It carries an air of credibility because it is listed in the SPH magazines website. It looks friendly because it is speaking in my language, it didn’t just bore me out with its list of capabilities and certifications they have, like many other. The pictures depict a warm culture and that is ultimately the most attractive thing ever. It looks awesome.

I really want to get in.

I can’t WAIT to get in.

I did not hesitate to drop in my cover letter.


Lord beholds, Jereme (COO) and Adrian (Director of Online Marketing Services) gave me an opportunity.

In the beginning, this whole new experience was a little daunting. I had to take a few papers because then I’d be fully equipped with knowledge of how things work (or at least that's what I thought). I guess that was the ‘training’ bit. I’d love to have gone under a proper training course or to have a full-time mentor but no one could afford to spend so much time explaining how everything works. Everyone had important roles in the firm that I too, wish one day will possess the same irreplaceable element.

And so I was pretty much left alone, but I loved it. clickTRUE doesn’t practice the “Do as I say” cliché, which I thought was very smart indeed because they’d actually hinder their creative capabilities. I became independent, and I explored things in my own perspective. Learning can drown out your creativity if you don’t think enough. And when I learn independently, I understand better, and I become more aware of the issues that I’m facing.

My boss, Adrian is amazing. He would help clarify things for me when he knows I’m in the blurry and fuzzy state of mind. He made it clear that I could turn to him or any of my colleagues for help at any point in time. In the beginning, it was more of a self-learning process on my part. But it was comforting to know that he’s just a chat away.

Jereme, on the other hand, helps everyone grow mentally and behaviorally. He would frequently share insights and his thoughts with the whole team. He pretty much manages the entire culture and beliefs of the firm, and for that I truly admire him. He cares about the wellbeing of the employees. When I first start out, he would check in on me to see how I was doing. I highly appreciate them because I’d know I can turn to him if I have my troubles.

Almost nothing can top the most attractive thing about clickTRUE – its CULTURE. Contrary to a hierarchical firm, we communicate on the same level, and there are no boundaries – an exceptional practice indeed. The people here are warm and friendly. We all love a good time. Just a week ago, we had a company event at KTV. It was hell lot of fun! And in that time, I got to know my bosses better, and discovered so many hidden talents among my colleagues. I hope there are many more opportunities like these to be able to mingle with the great minds, because when we are at work, we get serious and very results-driven. No kidding. Everyone is so capable and enthusiastic on the job. Work hard, play hard.

The talents at clickTRUE, working and playing even harder!

I love every bit of my journey here in clickTRUE. I’m looking forward to many more amazing moments. As I continue my journey to self-discovery in this company, I urge for you to do the same. Confucius: “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Love what we do? Don't hesitate to check us out! You might just find your dream job here in clickTRUE 😉

Sher Min

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