What clickTRUE Is REALLY Like – From An Intern’s Perspective

Shi Ming


The Discovery

Faced with the dilemma of choosing an attachment company for internship, most students usually go with whatever their schools have to offer. However, this time, I wanted to do something a little different, something that helps enhance skill sets not usually taught in school. Given my interest in online marketing, I decided to search for related companies in Singapore. And what better way to find a good online marketing company than to search on the Internet? 😀

Although this simple search churned out many results and several potential companies, only one truly caught my eyes.

You guessed it – clickTRUE. Here’s why… …

From the many companies that I’ve seen from the search, most of them only focus on the individual aspects of online marketing (i.e. perhaps one is good at SEO, the other at SEM, or another at Social Media Marketing). While most companies do offer a wide range of services, clickTRUE was the only one that appeared to be harmonizing each of these services, providing a synergistic blend that serves as a comprehensive online strategy.

More importantly, they seem to have a vibrant and dynamic culture, one that encourages learning and creativity. For a newbie like me, it’s an ideal place to spend my final 10 weeks of ‘Uni’ life.

After a short interview with our Chief Operating Officer, Jereme Wong, he graciously accepted me as their intern, thus beginning my adventure with clickTRUE.

The Initiation

initiationFirst days at work are usually awkward. No idea where to go, don’t really know anyone, can’t find the toilet etc. Being introverted by nature, adaptation seems to boast quite a challenge. Thankfully, the company culture is just as ‘advertised’ – vibrant and dynamic. The welcoming ambience of the office makes everything seem less daunting.

After a simple briefing and introduction, I was quickly assigned my first tasks and began working on the company’s Facebook page as well as SPH Magazine’s upcoming new site.

Working on these projects puts me directly in the driver’s seat while gaining first hand experience on how online marketing really works. The generous sharing of tips and techniques by Jereme was especially beneficial, giving me a crash course and initiating me right into the flow of work. This kind of open learning and sharing of knowledge is truly an eye-opener for me.

In fact, the very first day I reported for work, there was a little pleasant surprise. In order to chase away the Monday blues, our CEO decided to hold a weekly ‘Video Sharing’ event. Every week, an appointed person will share a video that he/she found useful as well as some insights gained from it. After which, the audience will offer their insights and inputs from their perspectives. These little exchanges make it much easier to learn from each other and benefit from the day to day work.

The Journey

As time went by, I began to settle into my job and my position as an intern. The chance to learn the various facets of online marketing is rather intriguing. There are just so many different things that go on behind the scenes of a successful online marketing campaign. Every step of the way, from getting the initial click to closing the sale, there’s both an art and a science involved in how to eventually get the conversion.

Interestingly, just when I’m slowly starting to pick up my pace in this journey, it seems to have come to a pit-stop for someone else. Clara, a colleague in SPH Magazines had her last day at work just a few weeks into my joining of the company. As pizzas, soft drinks, and of course well-wishes bided her farewell on her last day, I got yet another glimpse of how clickTRUE is more than just a company – it is a community made up of real people!

This reminds me of an anonymous phrase I read some time ago, “a company is only as good as the people working in it.” Yes it’s common sense, but it’s also easily forgotten.

The Beginning And The End

As one journey comes to and end, another is just beginning.

The 10 weeks of internship pass by in a flash. With meaningful friendship forged and a new level of insights into the digital marketing world, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone in clickTRUE for this wonderful experience!

Shi Ming

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Shi Ming has just re-highlighted one of the most important trend in this business or this industry. A wise man once told me that it is about becoming a great partner to clients providing total solutions to solve their problems and not compartmentalize the jobs into SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, CRO, etc individually and solve partof the problems. However, solution providers need to prove that they are competent in each of the discipline to as to be an asset to our clients. Thus, it is very key for us to keep upgrading our skills, tools and knowledge and assemble a great team of strategists, web gurus, creative designers to work together and work together for YOU.

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